Dr. Ada Cheng – the Optometrist

PhD (The University of Melbourne , Australia )
BOptom (Hons) (The University of NSW , Australia )

Dr. Cheng graduated with honours from the School of Optometry, the University of New South Wales, Australia, in 1982. Upon her return to Hong Kong, she lectured in Optometry in the then Hong Kong Polytechnic. Thereafter she furthered her studies in the University of Melbourne, Australia where she received her doctorate.

Dr. Cheng is one of the pioneers who endeavoured to promote primary eye care in Hong Kong. She has also been active in educating the public on the importance of preventive eye care. She has given numerous public lectures and written many articles on eye care- related topics.

Dr. Cheng commenced private practice in Central, Hong Kong in 1996. This practice, one of the best equipped in Hong Kong, provides optometric services complete with a wide range of vision-related products. Professional services are delivered with utmost care and diligence by optometrists who are licensed in the Part I register. For the best interests of our customers, all spectacle frames, optical lenses and contact lenses are carefully selected and dispensed with meticulous care.