Common questions concerning children vision care

• When should I bring my child for an eye test?

The visual system remains ‘plastic’ until around 7 years of age. Vision training is most effective during this plastic stage. Parents should bring pre-school children aged 3 to 5 for a comprehensive eye examination.

•  How should I choose an optometrist for my child?

It is best to bring your child to a Part One optometrist, who is university-educated and can legally apply diagnostic drugs, which are often required in the testing of young children.

•  How can shortsightedness be prevented?

Shortsightedness may be caused by both genetic and environmental factors. Based on the ocular characteristics and circumstances of each child, an optometrist would provide advice towards the prevention of shortsightedness.

• Can the progression of shortsightedness be controlled?

By controlling visual and environmental conditions, it is possible to slow down the progression of shortsightedness. There are also specialized lenses and techniques that might be effective in this regard, the most effective being orthokeratology.